Roy Rivers Tribute to John Denver

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Steamplant Events Center, 220 W Sackett Ave, Salida, CO 80201

Roy Rivers is a singer/songwriter whose music and live concerts are enjoyed by people of all ages. He’s written over 200 songs, most of which have a story behind them that he occasionally shares with his audiences.

He performs equally well as a solo-acousic artist as he does when touring with a band. He is very well known for his John Denver tribute (not to be confused with an impersonation) and has gained an international fan base due to his vocal similarities to John. Though several artists inspired him he connected at a very young age to John’s music and message as it encompassed how he himself felt about life and the world around him.

Roy has an incredible connection to his fans, and audiences. Concert goers the world round can attest to the spirit and energy Roy brings to the stage. Whether it’s a small audience or in the thousands, it’s the same to Roy. Listening to him feels very personal.

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